Account Auditing

An audit of your most recent telecommunications accounts will quickly reveal whether you are getting what you are paying for, is it at the right price and is it the right quality level for the business needs.


Modern day technology has decreased in price, increased in functionality in a similar way to other consumer products. There are many opportunities being taken by small businesses to utilise this technology to save costs.


Structured cabling is becoming common in small enterprises to allow for existing and future demand of both voice and data services. It is prudent to ensure that such cabling is done to an appropriate standard and is specified sufficiently that the risk of poor performance is minimised.


Including cellular is quickly becoming an option for many small businesses for both voice, small message services and data connections. This increase in mobile and wireless telecommunication usage means that contracts and alternatives need to be optimised. A small saving on large volume can become significant in lowered operating costs over a single financial year.